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Alumni Spotlight

Read about the inspiring careers of our alumni who leveraged their VIU degree as a launching pad for success in various fields around the world.

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Nikita Tiwari, MBA 2018

I chose VIU because it offered me the opportunity to make a transition within my nursing c ...

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Theresa Taylor, MIR 2016

I chose VIU because I was living in Japan and wanted to complete my program online. I appr ...

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Tushar Qazi Yamin Kabhir, MPM 2016

I was one of the first batch of Project Management students to complete from the universit ...

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Laxman Reddy Japa, MISM 2018

I came to United States to get an advanced degree and VIU helped me achieve it. When I wan ...

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Saji Thomas, MCS 2017

VIU has provided me the opportunity to grow not only as a professional but also academical ...

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Jesulobatemi Alagba, MCS 2018

I chose Virginia International University (VIU) because the campus offered me an opportuni ...

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Samiullah Samsor, MPA 2016

I graduated with my MPA (Master of Public Administration- Public Management) in 2016. Prio ...

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Vaidehi Pulavarthi, MCS 2016

My name is Vaidehi Pulavarthi and I’m from India. Before coming here, I pursued an under ...

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Said Sani, MBA 2011

My name is Said Sani and I am from Nigeria. I received my bachelor’s in computer enginee ...

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Anastasia Dorokhina, MBA 2011

Quote: “VIU has impacted my personal and professional life in a positive way and helped ...

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Diana Gogoshvili, MBA 2015

I came to the United States for the first time with my mother when I was 17. I was surpris ...

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Nanda K. Gollu, MCS 2015

Don't avoid something because you think it is "too hard" until you've tried it for long en ...

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