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I love computers. I had a dream of studying computer science since I was in secondary school. I didn't want only to study computers, but also to study computers in a US university. Some of the main reasons for which I thought I would love studying computer science in the US are the new technology and great education system in US. The presence of big computer companies and famous social networks in US made me believe that my studies in US would be more practical rather than theoretical, I would do my research in good technology companies and hence have a good job after my studies.

I dreamed all of that but I remained with an unanswered question. How can I afford tuition fees in American universities? How will I communicate in US as English is my second language? But after I discovered VIU, all my questions were answered. VIU is a very affordable university compared to other US universities. Also, it has a good payment plan where you can pay tuition fees in installments. And it also has an ESL (English as Second Language) program which helped me to improve my English. I'm happy, now that I have completed my ESL classes and I can speak, write and communicate well in English.
Lastly, I would like to thank VIU as it makes me meet people from different countries every day and establish everlasting international friends. VIU has also made me feel that I was not just dreaming, but that I have made my dreams possible. THANK YOU VIU!

Jose Fabian
BS in Computer Science

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