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Student Profile: Mukhlisa Nabieva


I just started my MA in TESOL here at VIU. In the short time I have been here, I have seen many new amazing changes at VIU. There are new programs and concentrations, interesting speakers and events for students, and even a brand new campus! We are so excited about these changes and feel lucky to be part of such an innovative university. Recently, we even got the chance to learn from excellent educators from around the US and the world through our Conference on Language, Learning and Culture. Everybody here at VIU cares about us, the international students, and they are really supportive of our ideas. It's a great feeling, knowing our faculty and staff are welcoming and friendly, and, most importantly, they are truly committed to the high quality of education. I am so proud of being here and of being a VIU student!

Mukhlisa Nabieva

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