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Student Profile: Veronica Enriquez Cujar

STUDENT PROFILE: Veronica Enriquez Cujar

The best part of my master’s program in the VIU School of Public & International Affairs is its hands-on approach. We don’t only focus on theory but actually get to see the work of a government in action and even participate in it. For instance, this first year alone, I have volunteered on a political campaign along with my peers, heard the American president speak in person, met and spoke with local government officials, and attended several conferences in Washington, DC. This provides ideal training, sets us up for success in our careers, and gives us the experience that helps us to excel in our field. When I talk to my friends in VIU’s other schools – business, education, computers, language studies – they all share similar experiences in their VIU education. It feels great that I made the right choice: VIU is the perfect investment in my future.

Veronica Enriquez Cujar
Master in International Relations

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