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Student Profile: Manzura Dautova

STUDENT PROFILE: Manzura Dautova

In any workplace, employers seek people who are culturally diverse.  VIU has given me the opportunity to learn about so many different world cultures – all in one place – and to use my language skills. The most important part of living and studying abroad is to take control of my future by exposing myself to new paths and seeing my own country and customs through new eyes. I think the best time to study abroad is while you are young and energetic, before you are tied down to one place.  VIU has also given me the opportunity to work in the Office of Student Affairs where I am able to help students act on new ideas that they are bringing to our school. I love to see their happy faces when their goals are achieved.  My advice for new students coming to VIU is to write down your goals and never lose sight of what you came here for. Learn to be fully independent and see what you can do on your own.

Manzura Dautova
MBA in International Business

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