2017-2018 Campus Improvement Campaign

Target: $400,000

  1. VIU has several projects underway to provide better space and resources for VIU students, faculty, and staff. These include new computer labs, large library, theater-style classroom, cafeteria, and student center.
  2. Financial donations and donations in kind would improve our new campus and provide students with space for leisure and study. New venues will bear the name of supporters who sponsor a venue.

Further Details

  • Library ($80,000 sponsorship): to provide our students with the latest books, journals, and subscriptions to materials essential to their fields of study.
  • Theater-Style Classroom ($75,000 sponsorship): to host large classes, guest speakers, and lecture content requiring more robust resources than a standard classroom.
  • Student Center ($55,000): to provide our students with a space to study, relax, eat, play, and create the lifelong friendships shaped during these formative university years.
  • Cafeteria ($120,000): to provide our students with various food choices and a place to have their meals.
  • Computer Lab ($70,000 sponsorship): to provide our students with the latest equipment and software needed for their studies.

Learn about the benefits of becoming a donor by visiting our Donor Benefits page.


VIU is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) institution eligible for tax deductible contributions. Tax ID #54-1954969.