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Support FAQ

What should I donate?
We are always grateful for financial contributions, but we also accept donations in kind. In lieu of a financial contribution, VIU would be grateful for donations included but not limited to:

Real estate, Automobiles, Electronics (computers, televisions, boom boxes, projectors, cameras, etc.), Books and media (films, music, computer programs), Artwork, Furniture, Musical instruments, Office supplies and equipment, Maps, globes, and atlases, Game room equipment (ping pong, air hockey, darts, etc.), Sports equipment, health care equipment, and/or kitchen equipment.

If you have something you wish to donate that is not on this list and that you think might be useful or helpful to us, please let us know. We are an active and growing university that has many needs.

Will a small donation really make a difference? 
Yes! Donor participation is considered to be a factor in the national rankings of universities. Even small gift(s) impact Virginia International University and its students. And remember – small sums from many donors can add up quickly and make a big difference here at VIU.

What if I want to give a more substantial gift to VIU? 
That’s great! As a young university, we are in a great position to recognize larger donations by naming classrooms, laboratories, and even buildings after donors. We are also able to endow and name chairs and scholarships as a way to show appreciation and recognition  for large donations.

Is my donation to VIU tax deductible?
Virginia International University is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We are happy to issue a letter of receipt on VIU letterhead for all donations, financial and tangible.