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Staff and Faculty Directory

Staff  Faculty
1Ademola Asaya, DM
Full-Time Faculty
aasaya@viu.eduSchool Of Business
2Alex J. Luketa, MBA
Admissions Officers (International)
3Alfred Basta, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
abasta@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
4Ali Mehrabi, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
amehrabi@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
5Ali Said
Online Adjunct Faculty
asaid@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
6Alla Webb, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
awebb@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems | School Of Online Education
7Allison Forbes, MS, MA
Director, Student Affairs
aforbes@viu.eduStudent Affairs
8Alusine Kanu
Adjunct Faculty
akanu@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
9Amir Abouelnaga, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
aabouelnaga@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
10Amir Tofighi, MIS
Adjunct Faculty
atofighi@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
11Andy Yao, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
ayao@viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
12Anwar Mamat, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
amamat@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
13Ashley Newell, JD
Adjunct Faculty
anewell@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
14Batkhuu Odonchuluun, BA
Food Service Manager / Chef
bodonchuluun@viu.eduFood Services
15Bayarjargal Battulga, MBA
Director Of Operations, Facilities And Property
bayarjargal@viu.eduFacilities & Property Management
16Bernardo Darquea, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
bdarquea@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
17Bobbi Gilchrist, BS
International Student Advisor/DSO
bgilchrist@viu.eduInternational Student Services
18Bonnie Heineman Wolfe, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
bonnie.heinemanwolfe@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
19Brian Anthon
Adjunct Faculty
banthon@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Language Studies
20Brian Purnell, BA
Adjunct Faculty
bpurnell@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Language Studies
21Brian Stout, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
bstout@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
22Busanee Luemrung, MA
Financial Aid Administrator
busanee@viu.eduFinancial Aid
23Camilla Meros, MA in TESOL
Associate VP, Student Life & Engagement/Chief of Staff
camilla@viu.eduPresident's Office
24Carmel Louis-Jacques, MIT, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
clouisjacques@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
25Chiyun- Kwei Chiang, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
cchiang@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
26Christina Koonts, MA
Vice President, Institutional Effectiveness
christina@viu.eduInstitutional Effectiveness
27Christine Rosenfeld, MS
Adjunct Faculty
crosenfeld@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School Of Online Education
28Damien Larkin, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
dlarkin@campus.viu.eduSchool Of Business
29Darcel H. Tolliver, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
dtolliver@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems | School Of Online Education
30Darren J. Thomas , MA
Adjunct Faculty
dthomas@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems