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Staff and Faculty Directory

Staff  Faculty
1Nicole Braccia
ESL Instructor
nbraccia@campus.viu.eduSchool of Language Studies
2Nitesh Pradhan, MIS
Director Of Information Technology
nitesh@viu.eduInformation Technology
3Osama Morad, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
omorad@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
4Osman Masahudu, DBA
Adjunct Faculty
omasahudu@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
5Prashish Shrestha, MIS, MBS
Executive Vice President of International Affairs & IT
prasis@viu.eduInformation Technology
6Qamar Munawer, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
qmunawer@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
7Rebecca Sachs, PhD
Associate Professor
rsachs@viu.eduSchool of Education
8Rebecca Yu, BA
Director Of Human Resources
rebecca@viu.eduHuman Resources
9Rhonda Thomas
Adjunct Faculty
rthomas@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
10Robyn Taylor, MBA
Director of Career Services & Alumni Affairs
robyn@viu.eduCareer Services
11Roy Abdo, MBA
Adjunct Faculty
rabdo@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
12Rufino Prensa-Feliz, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
rprensafeliz@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
13Saiid Ganjalizadeh, PhD
Computer Science Department Chair
sganjalizadeh@viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
14Salman Qureshi, MS
Adjunct Faculty
salman.qureshi@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
15Sameer Chandra, MS
Adjunct Faculty
sameer.chandra@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
16Saya Sone, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
ssone@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
17Seth Gillespie, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sgillespie@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
18Shelton Rhodes, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
srhodes@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
19Shufang Ni, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sni@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Education | School of Language Studies
20Srinidhi Anantharamiah, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sanantharamiah@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
21Stacie Davis, MS
Admissions Representative
22Supriya Pokhrel
Inquiries Coordinator
23Sushma Shukla, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sshukla@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
24Tefera Beyene, PHD, CPA
Adjunct Faculty
tbeyene@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
25Terry Camden, EdD
Adjunct Faculty
tcamden@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
26Theresa Poussaint, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
tpoussaint@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
27Timothy Hanson, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
thanson@campus.viu.eduSchool of Computer Information Systems
28Tom Javarinis, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
tjavarinis@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business
29Victor Oliver Espinoza, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
voliverespinoza@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education
30Victoria Ashiru, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
vashiru@campus.viu.eduSchool of Business