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Press Release (December 30, 2002 )

WashingtonHispanic Newspaper “Introduction to Fairfax University of America”

Fairfax, VA – Fairfax University of America is proud of its 4-year history of growth and expansion as a non-profit private institution that offers business, computer, English Language Proficiency (ESL) courses, graduate and undergraduate MBA programs.

Fairfax University of America was established in 1998 as a university where students can come together, exchange ideas, build trust among cultures and develop a rigorous moral character while challenging old, preconceived models and methods of academic instruction. In four short years, the school has been growing, enrollment has been increasing, and a diversified international community of students and scholars has been developing with the common aim of bridging cultural and linguistic difference. FXUA response to the growing needs for high-quality affordable education for international students over 19 different countries around the world. Dr. Isa Sarac, the founder, and president of the Fairfax University of America expressed his thrill in celebrating this growth success, and was very proud to announce that the University will move to larger and better facilities at a new location in February 2003.

Our vision is to create partnerships within the local, national and international communities by educating and enriching eager international students with the ambition and focus that define and reflect our commitment to global education, economic participation and community action.

“United States has been a beacon of light, hope and freedom, accepting immigrants upon its shores since the country was first founded over 200 years ago. Fairfax University of America, after only four years of offering its curriculum is upholding a similar commitment to its students, who have so far come from over 19 different countries from around the world, by providing them with the tools they will need in the 21st Century: English Language fluency, advanced technical skill, business acumen and sound moral character. We give them exposure to corporate business culture and regulations governing small as well as large business seminars and discussions. Our aim is to attract students from over 200 countries in next five years” said Dr. Sarac, the president.