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Press Release (July 5, 2012)

Fairfax University of America is Preparing to Introduce Three Online Journals

Over the next six to seven months, FXUA will publish the first editions of three online journals dedicated to the study of business, management and leadership.
The overall aim of the journals is to promote exchange of ideas, increase FXUA’s visibility, and position FXUA as a center for research.

Electronic Journal of Global Business, Management, and Leadership(EJGBML)– Student Publication,a quarterly publication, will provideFXUA students and eventually university students worldwide
with the opportunity to publish research papers prepared in pursuit of their degrees. The objectives of EJGBML – Student Publication are to:

  • encourageFXUA students to integrate their academic knowledge with research methods,
  • publish research works performed at FXUA and other universities across the globe
  • promote FXUA as a research university and to attract more student enrollment, and
  • contribute new and applied knowledge in the fields of management, leadership, and business.

The first issue is scheduled to be published in September 2012.

EJGBML – Perspective,a semi-annual publication, will provide a forum where industry practitioners can disseminate their experience and knowledge. The objectives of EJGBML – Perspective are to:

  • To encourage organizations involved in management, leadership and business to share their industry best practices, challenges, trends, and opportunities.
  • To facilitate the integration of the university with local and international business communities.
  • Help the university to prepare and advertise programs including professional workshops, executive leadership training, and other related businesses.

The first issue is scheduled to be published in November 2012.

EJGBML – Peer Review , a semi-annual publication, will be a refereed journal to facilitate the exchange of research activities, new ideas, concepts, and ongoing research projects related to business, management and leadership. The objective of EJGBML – Peer Review is to:

  • provide a forum to publish research work from various disciplines including global management, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, security and other related domains of study,
  • contribute to the development of the body of knowledge in management in general and leadership and business in particular, and
  • To advertise academic papers that are either completed or ongoing, conference announcements, book reviews, and case studies. Since this is a peer reviewed journal, all papers are subjected to a double blind review.

The first issue is scheduled to be published in January 2013.