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Press Release (June 4, 2003)

Senator Leslie Byrne Speaks at Fairfax University of America

Fairfax, VA – June 4, 2003 – Senator Leslie Byrne spoke at Fairfax University of America’s “Spring 2003 Ceremony and Introduction to the FXUA Membership Program” event.

“We are honored by Senator Leslie Byrne’s presence and are pleased to present to our guests and student body on this important day FXUA”s Membership Program,” Dr. Sarac, the President of FXUA, stated during his welcoming address. He expressed that FXUA was here to help our community by providing high-quality education to all who seek it. He added, “I believe we will all find a way to help each other. How? Let’s discover it [the future] together.”

Senator Leslie Byrne, FXUA’s guest speaker, was elected to the Virginia State Senate in 1999 to represent the 34th District. She now serves on the Privileges and Elections Committee, the General Laws Committee, and the Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee. In her first session, she has sponsored a number of important bills covering gun safety, consumer rights, transportation safety, and protecting our senior citizens.

During Senator Byrne’s address to FXUA’s faculty, staff, students and guests, she expressed her interest and eagerness to be a part of FXUA’s success. “Dr. Sarac, it is such an honor to continue the relationship that started in 1998 when I saw the potential of this University. The idea of an International University that can bring all kinds of people together to meet those quests for learning is something that we all treasure…” She discussed the effects that the budgets have had on Virginia state-run universities and added that because FXUA is not a state-run university, it has not been affected by the budget cuts. Senator Byrnes stated, “I hope that we can get out of this budget problem and fund ourselves in Virginia and start to raise the bar once again. Virginia has a fine tradition of education.”

Fairfax University of America is home to students from all over the world. It is an independent, non-profit university that offers courses in computers, business and English language proficiency. In addition, it offers online courses that can be taken from anywhere around the world. It currently has students from over 20 different countries from around the world.