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Press Release (October 21, 2002 )

Business Executive Earle C. Williams to Speak at Fairfax University of America

Fairfax, VA – October 21, 2002 – Mr. Earle C. Williams, former President and CEO of BDM International, Inc. is scheduled to address the students and faculty at FXUA’s monthly luncheon on Thursday, October 31st. Mr. Williams, once a gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, has a long track record of business achievement in the development of Northern Virginia technology companies.

During his term as president of BDM International, the company’s employment grew from 430 to 4,500, and annual revenue grew from $7.7 million in 1972 to $424 million in 1992. He currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Duratek, Inc. and Dimensions International, both technology-based businesses, and of Juldi, Inc., a specialty software company.

In addition to his executive leadership in the technology sector, Mr. Williams has also served on a number of philanthropic and advisory boards of directors, including the Auburn University Foundation, where he serves as the President, and the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts as a Director and a past Chairman.

“We are happy that Mr. Earle is able to speak with our students,” said Dr. Bishnu Poudel, Vice President of FXUA. “Our students will be especially interested in his speech.”

Mr. Earle’s speech marks a monthly event at FXUA. Each month, the students and faculty have a luncheon where a guest speaker gives a short speech or presentation. It has become a tradition at the young university, one that allows students and staff alike the opportunity to learn about the community, current events or international affairs.

Fairfax University of America is home to students from all over the world. It is an independent, non-profit university that offers courses in computers, business and English language proficiency. It currently has students from over 19 different countries from around the world.