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Press Release (September 11, 2008)

Fairfax University of America’s (FXUA) steadily climbing enrollments have led to the school to acquire a third site. The newest quarters, located at 3953 Pender Drive, are a short walk from the school’s two existing sites in the Fairfax Executive Park office park and Fair Oaks Corporate Center. Says Fairfax University of America’s Business Manager Christina Lavoie, “We’re all thrilled to have this great new space for our students. And we feel that we are extremely fortunate that it became available to us before the start of the fall semester. We have our biggest enrollments ever!”

The new site is called the Pender 2 building by those inside the FXUA community (the other sites are called Pender 1 and the Waples Mill building). It is the new home to the school’s enlarging library, offices, and also headquarters for FXUA’s student activities program. According to Sebastien Mortreux, FXUA’s Student Activities Director who just moved his own office to the new site last week, “It is so wonderful for us to have a new recreational space for our students. They’re already having a ball coming over here to play a game or just to relax between classes.”

Fairfax University of America is located near Route 66 and Fair Oaks Mall and is easily accessible by public transportation. FXUA offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and diploma and certificate programs in business administration and computer science, a four-level English as a Second Language program with TOEFL preparation, and continuing professional education. For more information about any of the programs of study offered, please visit the Fairfax University of America website at . Or, for additional information about the FXUA’s programs, admissions requirements, and scholarships, please call 703-591-7042.