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Press Release (September 17, 2002)

Fairfax University of America Welcomes New Public Relations Director

Fairfax, VA – September 17, 2002 – Fairfax University of America is pleased to welcome Ms. Goksin Carey as its new Director of Public Relations. Ms. Carey will assume the responsibility of Public Relations for the university.

“We are happy to have Ms. Goksin join us,” said Dr. Bishnu Poudel, Vice President of FXUA. “As our university grows, we will begin an aggressive public relations campaign to inform the public about our programs and our mission.”

Ms. Carey has many years of experience in international business, legal affairs and education. She has traveled widely and has lived in Kenya, Vietnam, Turkey and is now a citizen of the United States.

Ms. Carey has great plans for FXUA’s public relations strategy. She plans to introduce the university to local businesses, other international schools and local politicians. “It is important that we put forth a positive image of the university, and that we build our name recognition locally and internationally,” she added.

Fairfax University of America is home to students from all over the world. It is an independent, non-profit university that offers courses in computers, business and English language proficiency. It currently has students from over 15 different countries from around the world.