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UM Issue 8: Assessment at a Glance

July 20, 2017

By: Christina Koonts Assessment plays an important role in an organization, Virginia International University included. The role assessment plays impacts everyone who has a stake in VIU. The process allows for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to better help plan and implement strategic plan...


UM Issue 8: Leaders of Tomorrow

June 07, 2017

New graduates often enter the workforce with the idea that they are the “leaders of tomorrow” because that is what all of the old clichés have told them. They have long-term goals of landing themselves a “leadership role” and often connect that with achieving success. But what is a leadersh...


UM Issue 7: Alt-Rock Dreams

May 03, 2017

Sam Gaius is currently a VIU student studying for his Masters in Information Systems Management. He has performed at VIU Got Talent, VIU Idol, and other various events on and off-campus in the past and hopes to kick-start the VIU Music Club. UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE: What first inspired you to start sing...