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VIU's School of Business offers a wide array of programs; from a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a selection of 3 different concentrations; Undergraduate Certificates in International Business and Small Business Management; to a Graduate Certificate in Project Management; Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Project Management; and a world-class Master of Science in Business Administration degree with a selection of 15 different concentrations. Students acquire a solid understanding of business subject matter as well as the skills necessary to make them competitive in tomorrow's market.

School of Business



June 21, 2018

Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

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June 19, 2018

Guest Blogger – Strengthening Cover Letters

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June 12, 2018

Career Branding: How to Market Yourself Well

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June 07, 2018

Universal Basic Skills

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June 05, 2018

What is the Right Career for You?

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