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Certificate in International Business Management

Master of Business Administratione

The Certificate in International Business Management program is designed to provide information about international business relevant to professionals and administrative staff. You will acquire best practices for respecting cultural, religious, and language differences when doing business with international companies. Our expert instructors provide you with cutting-edge information and practical hands-on experience in international marketing, finance economics and communication to help you succeed.

Certificate Requirements

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
BUSS 154

Prerequisite: None
 For many organizations, the first step toward multinational operations begins with importing and exporting goods. This course focuses on the strategies and processes of import/export management.
BUSS 302

Prerequisite: None
This course examines the role of marketing in society and the economy, the role of marketing in business operations, and the management of the firm's marketing effort.
BUSS 312

Prerequisite: None
This course examines how knowledge of individual and group behavior is applied in an organizational setting. Topics include motivation, leadership, group formation and behavior, dysfunctional behaviors, job/task behaviors, and job enrichment/enlargement. The course also examines the ways in which firms recruit, select, train, evaluate, and compensate employees. Current practices in industry are discussed as well as theories and labor law.
BUSS 340

Prerequisite: BUSS 210 Introduction to Business or BUSS 312 Organizational Theory & HR Management
This course focuses on the international environment and the ways in which businesses adapt to differences in culture, economic systems, and political systems.
BUSS 442

Prerequisite: BUSS 302 Principles of Marketing
This course focuses on the marketing of goods and services in international and global markets. It examines the ways in which firms globalize and localize their offerings to balance the demands of scale economies with consumer needs.
BUSS 444

Prerequisite: BUSS 303 Principles of Finance or ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics
This course focuses on the techniques and strategies of firms operating in the international environment. Topics covered include exchange rates, currency trading and risk, hedging techniques, international capital markets, and blocked fund alternatives.

Prerequisite: None
This course provides the skills needed to prepare and deliver informative and persuasive speeches. Students will focus on adapting communication styles and content to diverse speakers and audiences. This course emphasizes how to compose meaningful and coherent messages; conduct research; and develop effective presentation skills. Students will be required to deliver several oral presentations in front of the class during the semester.
ECON 101

Prerequisite: None
Microeconomics mainly studies the economic choices facing the individual entities, including consumers and business firms. This course covers the basic topics of economic tradeoffs, supply and demand model, concept of elasticity, consumer choice model, theories of cost and production, and the firm’s behavior and performance under different market structures. The course also introduces the students to the problems of market failure and public choice, and the impacts of public policy on consumers and business firms.
Total number of Credit Hours required 24

Note: Certificate students taking business courses are exempt from mandatory prerequisites.

Sample Schedule

The following is a sample schedule of the possible sequencing of courses for the Undergraduate Certificate in International Business.

Course Code Course Name Credits
1st Semester
BUSS302 Principles of Marketing 3
BUSS312 Organizational Theory & HR Management 3
COMM110 Oral Communication Skills 3
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics 3
2nd Semester
BUSS154 Introduction to Import/Export Management 3
BUSS340 International Business 3
BUSS442 International Marketing 3
BUSS444 International Finance 3

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