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SED Faculty

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1Amina Derbi
Executive Analyst
aderbi@viu.eduSchool of Education
2Ilham Nasser, PhD
Dean, School of Education
inasser@viu.eduSchool of Education
3Kevin Martin, PhD
Dean, School of Language Studies/Director of Institutional Effectiveness
kevin@viu.eduInstitutional Effectiveness | School of Education | School of Language Studies
4Marietta Bradinova, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
marietta.bradinova@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Education
5Maryam Saroughi, PhD
msaroughi@viu.eduSchool of Education
6Rebecca Sachs, PhD
Associate Professor
rsachs@viu.eduSchool of Education
7Shufang Ni, PhD
Adjunct Faculty
sni@campus.viu.eduGeneral Education | School of Education | School of Language Studies