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The Office of Assessment and Evaluation

As FXUA strives to live up to its values and mission and to provide support in preparing students for the 21st century market demands, the Office of Assessment and Evaluation was recently established as a hub to conduct internal studies that will provide evidence to support data-driven decisions and recommendations on improving students’ experiences. The office will also monitor and keep a pulse on the learning objectives, outcomes, student well-being and personal growth. It will propose a value-based agenda to courses and programs. The information gathered will contribute to improving and enhancing the quality of education offered at FXUA and crystallize the university messages and mission.

The Office’s main tasks are:

  1. Conducting assessments to continuously survey the views of students on values and skills (competencies) that will prepare them well for a global market and new realities with emphasis on enhancing and promoting personal growth and development. The generated data will provide information on learning environments (including physical spaces), curriculum and course offerings, student development opportunities, student-faculty interactions, and other leadership skills and opportunities. It will pinpoint the foundational values that guide the FXUA student body and ways to strengthen the content to meet those.
  2. Providing analysis on all available documents, reports, and handbooks, etc. and generating information useful to make recommendations on ways to enhance student experiences at the various schools of FXUA, while in compliance with SCHEV policies and guidelines. The information gathered will identify areas of success as well as areas for growth based on what is best for students’ human development and personal well-being. The objective is to ensure that FXUA’s values are adequately interwoven with students’ daily experiences.


Dr. Ilham Nasser, Dean of the School of Education

Dr. Maryam Saroughi, Researcher

Ms. Amina Derbi, Executive Analyst