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Alumni Voices

Aziza Mirkhanova

I come from a historical town in Uzbekistan called Bukhara. Growing up in this wonderful, ...

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Haider Semaisim

Studying my Masters in Applied Linguistics in the School of Education at FXUA prepared me ...

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Mauge Tapia Escobar

Enrolling in FXUA must be the best decision I ever made. This university has provided me t ...

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Vega Beloqui Ortiz

After 3 years of thinking about it, I finally made up my mind: I wanted to go on with my s ...

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Islom Boynazarov

As an international student, I chose Fairfax University of America for two reasons: first, ...

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Dorothy Gudgel

My teaching skills and philosophy have been so positively influenced and improved upon by ...

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