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VFF 2013-2014

Virginia International University’s School of Education would like to thank our 2013-2014 Voices from the Field speakers who contributed to a unique learning experiences through our speaker series. Below are the 2013-2014 speakers and links to recordings of their sessions.

Taking Advantage of Service-Learning Opportunities for Teachers
Director of Program Evaluation at The Global Language Network
Dr. Mika Hama

Language Program Administration
Executive Director of the Capital English Academy
Mr. George Rado

Entrepreneurship in Education
President of The Global Language Network
Mr. Zarko Palankov

Positioning Yourself for Employment Opportunities in Education

Dr. Luis Cerezo Dr. Sigrun Lucas Dr. Ana-María Nuevo

Promoting Communication Skills & Workforce Readiness through Co-Teaching

Ms.Heather Tatton-Harris
Curriculum Coordinator at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

Ms.Carole Fuller
Professional Development Specialist at Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School

Glocalized English Language Teaching in a Globalized World
President of the WATESOL Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers (NNEST) Caucus
Mr.Bedrettin Yazan