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Internship Requirements

The internship consists of experiential exposure to an educational setting consistent with a student’s degree. In addition to time on-site, all students will be enrolled in an internship course.  The faculty member of the internship course will be the primary contact for questions, concerns, and successes during the internship experience. Students are encouraged to seek their own internship opportunities, or one may be assigned. Be sure to consult your specific degree for information regarding your exact practicum experience requirements

Note that internship requirements differ based upon the degree/concentration area, so consult your specific degree/concentration below.

Master of Science in Applied Linguistics

Students can expect the following workload requirements:


0.5 credit:  15 hours of seminar/lab instruction
2.5 credits: 135 hours of practical experience

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the internship course:

What am I required to submit each week to meet the course requirements?

By Monday of each week, you are required to submit the following for the previous week of internship:

  1. Timesheets (Attachment D: Practicum Timesheets).

Although the amount of hours per week that you submit depends upon your internship schedule, you are recommended to complete around 15 hours per week in order to complete the requirements before the end of the term.  By the end of the course, your timesheets should reflect the total number of observation/supervised teaching/internship hours, as specified in the course syllabus.  Although your teacher will track your time, it is your responsibility to ensure that you complete the required amount of hours for the course.

What should I do if I am unable to complete my observation hours for a given week?

From time to time, you may not be able to complete the suggested internship hours for the week.  If this is the case, you should notify your teacher ahead of time.  There is no penalty for “missing” your internship hours for the week; however, you are advised to only miss internship hours for serious reasons.  Otherwise, you may not be able to complete the required hours for the course.  Remember that failure to complete the required internship hours has the consequence of an automatic deduction off of your final grade.

I am having trouble securing a site that will let me complete my hours. What should I do?

If you are having problems completing a location for your practicum, you should notify your teacher immediately.

What should I do when observing a class?

When observing a class, please follow the procedures below to minimize disruption to the ESL students’ learning:

  1. Obtain permission from the instructor in advance (via email, at least 48 hours in advance unless otherwise specified by the teacher that you wish to observe).  Some teachers may require more notice, so you should find out their preference
  2. Arrive on time and remain for your entire scheduled time.
  3. Sit where the teacher asks you to
  4. Do not interrupt the class to add your own observations or corrections; interact with the students only if invited to do so by the instructor
  5. Do not hold private discussions during the class (with students or other observers)
  6. TURN OFF cell phones before the class begins
  7. Remember to obtain the instructor’s signature at the end of the observed lesson. If an instructor finds your classroom behavior disruptive, s/he is under no obligation to sign your observation log