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About School

School of Professional Development (SPD)’s mission is to actively participate, through training and development programs, in co-creating with its partners in business and government the global workplace where all aspects of human development – including moral, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual development – are well attended to as part of the talent management strategies of any organization, private or public, for profit or not-for-profit, government or NGO, small or large, local or global. The SPD at VIU aims to become the leading provider of lifelong learning opportunities to a global workforce in an international setting.

We provide cutting-edge, quality training and education programs in partnership with our clients and customers at affordable prices to: individuals; private, small-, and medium-sized businesses; Fortune 500 companies; governmental agencies; veteran administration; and non-profits. The SPD contributes to the economic and workforce development of Fairfax County where it is located and to the Commonwealth of Virginia, as well as the international marketplace, through its diverse and relevant programs and its wide expertise in many different countries and regions of the world. We pride ourselves on being the birthplace of highly innovative educational programs relevant to global and international settings in many industries. We are also considered by many of our clients as being one of the leading institutions worldwide in business and technology education.

We provide open enrollment programs on-demand and in-class in a variety of subjects. In addition, we partner with individuals and organizational clients to design and deliver programs customized specifically for their needs. We have developed proprietary needs assessment methods to identify gaps in performance in our client organizations in order to design and deliver the best suitable programs to meet their performance improvement needs and talent development programs.