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SPIA Internships

Since Fall of 2014, SPIA has participated in a Public Policy Internship Program with Fairfax County Government. The program places MPA and MIR students in internship positions, within a number of different departments, including the Office of Public Private Partnerships, the Health Department, and the Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs. Students are also placed with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, and other policy and business non-profits in the region.

The public policy internships are 15 weeks long and are structured as a mandatory course (GOVT 665 or PUAD 665), allowing students to acquire three (3) graduate credits upon completion of the internship. Most internships are unpaid.

Check out these internships!

SPIA Internships

MS in International Relations in Business (MIR) Student, Oksana Zolotova with Administrative, Policy, and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Jessica Werder.


Oksana had an internship in the Office of the County Executive where she conducted research on program evaluations, grant opportunities, and board items for county employees under the supervision of Fairfax County executives.

SPIA Internships

MIR student Canan Aydin, interned at the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) and helped to organize the Northern Virginia blanket drive for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Turkey.

SPIA Internships

Davaadulam (Edma) Khishigdelger with her coworkers at the Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs.

SPIA Internships

InKiran Mai and her two supervisors at the Fairfax County Health Department.


Student Paulette Zegarra interned at the Office of Public Private Partnerships.

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