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Housing FAQs

How can I find housing?

There are many different ways to find housing in the communities surrounding VIU. If you would like assistance from VIU’s Housing Department, please email You may also want to review the information on our website.

When should I start looking for accommodation?

It is best to begin looking for accommodation as soon as you have received your I-20. This will provide you with sufficient time to explore multiple housing options before classes begin. For students looking to secure housing before they arrive in the United States, please note: Not all housing providers will allow you to make arrangements prior to your arrival in the US.

Will temporary housing be available to me while I am searching for accommodations?

Temporary accommodation will not be available on campus while you are searching for a place to stay. However, there are several hotels within walking distance of VIU that are affordable. Many of these hotels offer special rates to VIU students. If you wish to book a reservation with the discounted VIU rate, please visit our page about hotels near VIU.

How much does housing cost in the Fairfax area?

Please be aware that the cost of living in the US is expensive. The typical student here pays around $500.00 per month to rent a shared apartment. Rental rates depend on the type of housing you choose and vary depending on the quality of the property, the neighborhood, and inclusion or exclusion of furniture and additional expenses in the rental price. To find information about VIU apartment options, please visit this page.

How far from campus are most housing options?

There are apartments within a 10-20 minute walk from the university. Some students may also choose to live farther away. These students commute to the university by car, train, or bus.There are buses and trains which connect much of the DC/Metro area and the surrounding regions. If you search for a place to live in the areas of Fairfax, Oakton, Annandale, Seven Corners, and Merrifield, Virginia you can take a bus to VIU. There are several bus lines that you can take which will drop you off within a 10 minute walk of VIU. The bus routes that you should take include:

1c (Inova Fair Oaks Hospital – Ballston Station)
1Z (Inova Fair Oaks Hospital – Ballston Station)
2G (Fair Oaks Hospital – Ballston Station)
City of Fairfax CUE Bus (Gold Line)

For bus route schedules and timetables, please visit are that are walking distance from the university.

Learn more about the Metro
Learn more about bus service areas

What additional costs should I expect when renting a room or an apartment?

On top of your regular rent, you should anticipate expenses for internet, phone, and utilities. The term “utilities” refers to expenses such as water, gas, and heat. There are some apartments that include heat and water expenses in the price of rent. In other apartments, it is your responsibility to pay for all utilities. You may also be responsible for purchasing furnishings for your room (such as a bed or couch).

Who can I contact if I need help from VIU?

For additional help with housing, you can email or call the Office of Student Affairs at (703) 591-7042, ext. 367.