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Student Mentors

Being a Student Mentor


  • To help new students adapt to a new culture and experience while also building senior student’s leadership and initiative skills.


  • To help new and senior students to build personal and professionals skills while also being more involved with VIU.


  • Often when new students come to the university from another country, they do not know a lot of people. Some do not know how to speak or read English well. This can lead the students to get discouraged and to want to leave and go home. By pairing a new student with a senior student, the senior student can be there to greet the student when he/she arrives, answer questions, help the student feel comfortable around campus, and to help the student get engaged with the university.

Mentor Eligibility 

To be eligible to be a mentor, a student must be:

  • Completed 9 credit hours
  • Have a Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Positive attitude
  • Team player


  • Students who are interested in being a mentor will need to do the following: Complete the registration form online, obtain a current recommendation letter from a faculty or staff member and an interview with the Student Affairs Manager.


  • Students Mentors will attend a mandatory 1.5 hours Mentoring Best Practices training with Student Affairs

Required Duties

  • Student mentor will be present at Orientation to meet and greet the new student
  • Student mentor will provide new student with a tour of the campus.
  • Student mentor will meet with the new student at least once a week for the term. Students can meet for dinner, in the library, etc.
  • Student mentor will invite and attend with the new student a VIU event/activity at least three times in the term.
  • Student mentor will answer questions and/or concerns the new student may have.
  • Student mentor will motivate the student to achieve academic excellence.
  • Student mentor must meet with the Student Affairs Manger once a month.


  • 200 points orientations; Mentor MUST attend 12 orientations to gain full points, 6 orientations for Fall and 6 orientations for Spring.
  • 20 points for each on-campus activity; each mentor MUST involve the student in at least 3 activities per semester
  • 20 points for each off-campus activity; each mentor MUST involve the student in at least 3 activities per semester


  • Student mentors will gain mentoring skills which are a key skill needed in today’s workforce. New Students will feel connected to the VIU community, which improves overall success.