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Student Club Guidelines

Student Club Guidelines

Formation of a Club

After Formation

  • Organize an introductory meeting to advertise your club, its functions, and your roles.
  • Plan and list events you wish to hold in the following semester.
  • Get information about your club budget from the VIU staff allocated for student clubs and remain within the budget throughout
  • Make a logo for the club and have it approved by the Student Affairs Department


Maintain a protocol for meetings and activities: prepare a VIU Club Agenda before the meeting and share with all club members you intend to invite to the meeting.

  • Before the beginning of the semester, the Club Event Schedule should be prepared.
  • Maintain minutes of the meeting by using the VIU Club Meeting Minute Template and share them with all members after the meeting or during the next meeting.

Planning and Approvals for Club Events/Activities

  • To be approved, all events should have clear steps from planning to execution.
  • First, all club members must approve of the event.
  • Second, the advisor of the student club must approve the event.
  • Prepare CAB documents. This includes the CAB Form, Itemized List of Budget Items, Agenda for the Event and Event Flyer. E-mail all four documents to All documents must be submitted to the first Friday of every month. If any documents are missing, this may result in the event not being approved.
  • All events to be approved should have clear steps included from planning to execution.
  • Final approval will come from designated VIU staff of student clubs; no activity should be carried out without getting the final approval from the CAB committee. The president of the club will be notified if the event has been approved or not.

Before an Event

During an Event

  • Provide an Agenda for the Event.
  • Pass out the Event Evaluation Survey to all faculty, staff and students before the event ends.

After an Event

  • Within 24 hours of an event, fill-in the event evaluation template. Make sure to include a graph.
  • Submit a brief write-up about the event. The information in the write-up should include: the name of the event, when the event took place, how many people attended, the overall results of the survey, the strengths and challenges of the event.
  • Submit both the Event Evaluation and Write-up to

Records to be Maintained

  • There will be a 3-5″ binder for each club containing: the club formation forms, constitution, and executive team contact information.
  • Club Budget Tracking Form.
  • All documents should have the club logo and name, date, and event/meeting title.
  • All records will be stored with the designated VIU staff for the student club; records may be accessed by club members whenever required.