About the Career Center

The VIU Career Center provides guidance and academic resources to assist students and alumni develop skills needed to obtain an academic internship, employment, and volunteer opportunities. The Career Center actively promotes and supports effective professional networking and collaboration between the university, employers, and the local community.


Alhareth Almaroof
- Currently pursuing MBA

I am originally from Iraqi origins, however, I grew up in Jordan. 

Last year I decided to move to the United States and pursue my MBA in Project Management with Virginia International University.  Moving to the States was a huge step in my life and I soon realized things were a little different than where I used to live.  I soon had to adapt to different rules and a way of life here that was initially a bit of a challenge.  Read more…

Mohammed, Talib Uddin Zaffar
- Currently pursuing Master of Science in Information Technology  

The best thing about my time at Virginia International University (VIU) has been the opportunity for me to study what I am passionate about!  My studies have allowed me an enjoyment to develop with each course and to focus.. Read more…

Paulette Zegarra
- MIR Graduate

“As a VIU alumni, one of the best memories I have is of the Career Center. Ms. Taylor helped me to improve my résumé and cover letter. As an international student, coming to this country made me realize that the format and information .... ” Read more…

Avinash Talasila
- MBA Student

“Within the past three months, I have attended five events hosted by Robyn Taylor and the Career Center team…With each event, I have been able to gain professional and personal development skills.” Read more…

Anudari Tsogtbayar
- BBA Student

“One of the most helpful events that the Career Center organized was the résumé workshop. As a student, I was able to receive a better understanding of what I need to include in my own cover letter and résumé.” Read more…