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Camilla Meros, MA in TESOL

Camilla Nunes is the Chief of Staff at Virginia International University. She holds a Master of Arts in TESOL from VIU as well as three bachelor’s degrees from Federal University of Ouro Preto in Brazil in translation, English, and Portuguese. While still in college, Camilla was always involved in activities on campus. She also kept herself busy either developing research in the educational field, such as curriculum and teacher development, or working as Teaching Assistant. Since 2005, Camilla has been working as a teacher and curriculum developer for different institutions. In 2014, she joined VIU as a Curriculum Coordinator. She has been performing research, developing programs, assisting faculty, and improving instructional resources. Camilla also coordinates the scholarship program at VIU. Camilla enjoys dancing, travelling, watching movies, and trying different kinds of food. She speaks Portuguese as her native language, and she has knowledge of elementary Spanish.