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Dennis Young, Ph.D.

Dennis Young has been teaching English composition and literature ever since he finished his B.A. in English. He received his Ph.D. in English and Rhetoric at the University of Iowa. As a part of the Writers’ Workshop at Iowa, he learned that students can help students; he also learned that revision is the secret of good writing. Dennis has published and presented dozens of papers on the teaching of writing and literature. He has also written a textbook on writing published by McGraw-Hill Publishers. Dennis’s passion is teaching students and making a difference in their lives. He wishes to impart a love of learning and the joy of knowledge. Gandhi called his life “experiments with truth,” and experimenting with knowledge is our task as educators. Like Gandhi and many other, Dennis believes that learning is a life-long pursuit and that curiosity and the will to knowledge is the most important part of one’s life. By connecting with students, Dennis believes he can make a contribution to each student’s life.