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Kymm Watson, PhD

Dr. Kymm is an active community advocate, author, conference speaker, and leader in her church community for the past 32 years. She is a woman of faith who believes that nothing is impossible in God. Her Favorite Quote is: “She believed she could, so she did.” – R. S. Grey, She received her BS degree in Organizational Development, MS in Organizational Management, and a Ph.D. in Organization & Management, with a specialization in General Business. An amazing accomplishment fueled solely by her unwavering faith in God. Known by many as the “Builder” she demonstrates an extraordinary finesse to add meat to the bones of any framework. As a confident professional and leader, who is extremely passionate about helping others appreciate the power of change in every area of their lives, she prides herself in taking a personal approach to engaging, supporting and leading others down a pathway of effective and measurable change strategies that are sustainable. Her goal is to provide expert-level coaching and consulting to help individuals imagine all the amazing possibilities. Dr. Watson is an encourager and inspirational communicator focused on achieving and sustaining measurable change for all who can appreciate the power of limitless change. She is married, the mother of three beautiful daughters, three sons, five grandchildren, and two fun-loving dogs.