Ran Pan, PhD

Dr. Ran Pan is a senior enterprise data technologist/consultant with 20+ years’ experience and a proven record of leading and supporting all aspects of enterprise-wide data platforms/infrastructures at both strategic and operational levels. His IT consulting areas include database development and management, developing enterprise data management frameworks, IT strategy, polices, processes, standards and guidelines, project management, and ERP. He has taught both undergraduate- and graduate-level computing-related courses in areas such as database theory, database management systems, information system management, cybersecurity, and computer architecture. Early in his career, Dr. Pan worked as a research faculty at Howard University focusing on scientific computing; he also held a faculty position in Xinyang Normal University, Xinyang, China.

Dr. Pan is an active speaker in local or international conferences in scientific computing and database technologies and has 10+ publications in peer-reviewed journals in scientific computing. Dr. Pan has an MS in Computational Chemistry from Jilin University, China and a PhD in Computational Chemistry from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK.