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Ronald J Kovach, Ed.D

Ronald J. Kovach, Ed. D. recently served as Provost of the Mountbatten Institute with responsibility for international graduate business centers in New York, London, and Bangkok. Throughout his 35+ years in higher education, Ron has served as both a chief academic officer and chief student affairs administrator. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the National Society for Experiential Education for eight years in a variety of roles: President, Past-President, and Treasurer. Currently, he directs the Society’s Experiential Education Academy. At numerous universities, Ron has been a member of accreditation committees in the Higher Learning Commission region, a key member of the AQIP process in the Purdue system, and most recently oversaw the reaccreditation process with the British Accrediting Council and the Quality Assurance Agency in the U.K. Finally, he has publications on student retention and experiential learning and has made over 60 presentations at both national and international conferences on topics involving experiential learning practices, international education, learning theories, as well as other higher education issues.