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Sadik Bulut, MA

Sadik Bulut is the Instructional Coordinator for the School of Online Education. He manages virtual learning environments, develops and improves online courses. As part of his duties, Mr. Bulut identifies online learners’ needs and develops or suggests learning experiences to meet those needs based on educational theories and learning methodologies. He works hard to ensure that VIU’s online learning environment design meets diverse needs of all learners. He also continuously seeks out new technologies to implement for VIU’s online programs and coordinates tech support services for students and faculty.

Mr. Bulut has over 20 years of educational technology experience within very rich global settings. He has lived and worked in several places besides the Washington D.C. Metro Area, including eastern Asia, the middle east, eastern Europe, San Francisco Bay Area – California and Denver Metropolitan Area – Colorado.

Mr. Bulut studied Master of Education in Thailand and Master of Arts in Management in Turkey; he also has a bachelor’s degree in education. He is presently a Ph.D. candidate at Assumption University majoring in E-learning Methodologies. His research interests include personal learning, adaptive learning, learning analytics, learners’ motivation, and advanced web technologies. In his spare time, Mr. Bulut loves swimming, hiking, trekking, and spending time with his family and children.