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Tom Javarinis, PhD

As a Faculty member, I work with students to help them reach their goals of obtaining their degrees and committed to their success. I am married to Angie and have three girls who are my pride and joy; Arielle, Georgette, and Anastasia. Education: I have completed several degrees as noted below: (a) Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in General Management with a minor in Accounting I completed three Master of Business Administration Degrees. (a) The first degree was in Strategic Management with a minor in Leadership. My Master’s Thesis was written on: “The Affects of Downsizing”: A Cost/Benefit Analysis” (b) The second degree was in Accounting with emphasis in Forensics and Fraud. (c) My third degree was in Healthcare Management. (d) I also completed my Doctor of Philosophy degree in General Business: Organizational Behavior and Development with a minor in Human Resources. My Dissertation was written on: “Bipolar Disorder and the Impact it has on a Manager’s Career Progression and Leadership Potential” which was later published and available on Amazon. I also hold various industry certificates as noted below: (a) CM; Certified Managers Certificate from the Institute of Certified Professional Managers and James Madison University (b) Supply Chain Management Certificate from the Supply Chain Management Institute (c) Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Management and Strategy Institute (d) Project Management Qualified Work Experience: I have had the good fortune of working in many different senior management/leadership positions. I have also worked in Academia for many years both in the online, face-to-face and blended concept. Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is very simple: To develop a philosophy of teaching is to focus on my role as a mentor/educator and define what is important about it. I find that my role involves three principal activities: 1. To continually strive to develop a broad array of teaching skills and adjust them to meet the needs of my students. 2. To truly challenge my students and to evaluate them honestly and fairly. 3. To foster student mastery of course material while at the same time helping students to develop broader, more important skills such as communication and critical thinking. I enjoy working out and running, as well as golfing and doing other water activities. I am a very active person—I love to be outdoors, play sports, and watch sports, but I also enjoy movie nights and junk food! My research interests have been in analyzing personality types. My interest is to figure out how personality type will assist students (various generational) ascertain the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as practical applications for knowing to be successful in their lives.