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Academic Showcase

Academic ShowcaseThe WRMC knows and appreciates that FXUA’s student researchers dedicate time and effort to their work. For this reason, the WRMC hosts an academic showcase in the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. An academic showcase is a poster session, in which students present their research in poster form for the community to see.  The WRMC’s goals are simple:

  • To gather the FXUA community and celebrate the work of its students
  • To allow students to practice and prepare for future conference-style events

The Academic Showcase will be held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 from 4:30-5:30 PM in Room VD-301.

Students may register to present their posters by contacting the WRMC (wrmc@viu.edu) with their names and the titles of their projects. The WRMC will take registration submissions until Friday, November 17, 2017 at 5:00 PM.

What are Poster Sessions?

Poster sessions are intended to serve as foundations for one-on-one discussions and exchanges of ideas based on research. The sessions are designed with the below goals in mind:

  • Catch the interest of attendees
  • Orient attendees to the goals of a researcher’s project
  • Facilitate the straightforward comprehension of data by presenting it in a visual form (e.g., with graphs, charts, and figures)
  • Showcase the work of researchers
  • Offer opportunities for researchers to receive feedback and to network

Qualifications for Participating

The research must have been completed within the past academic year (fall, spring, or summer semester). Exceptions may be granted if you have submitted a proposal for an upcoming semester:

  • The poster must represent significant, original research or a written report such as a master’s thesis, a capstone project, or another major paper.
  • The poster should be based on a paper that is at least 15 pages in length.
  • The student(s) must have received a B or better on the assignment. If the work is a draft, the student(s) must provide a letter of approval from the appropriate professor indicating that the final draft will likely receive a B grade.
  • Students must be available to present their own research. If the research was done as a group project, at least one member of the group must be present.

Submission Guidelines

Register your intent to participate by e-mailing to wrmc@viu.edu. Your proposal should include as much of the following as possible:

  • The title of your paper
  • The thesis, argument, or main idea of your paper
  • Methodology of your research
  • Main points you address in your paper
  • Conclusions
  • The class for which this paper was written and the grade which it received
    Note: Your grade will not be shared with anyone. We only need this to determine if you qualify.
  • Proposal should be submitted in APA format!

The deadline for registering to present at the showcase is Friday, March 10th at 5:00PM.


You are welcome to set up your poster as early 30 minutes prior to the start of the session, but please note that if you leave the conference room the WRMC will not be held responsible for any damage to your poster. All posters will be wall-mounted with either push-pins or adhesive (FXUA will provide on the day of the session). Please note: You do NOT have to present, but please be prepared to answer questions about your poster and/or research.

Poster/Content Guidelines

You may format your poster in either landscape or portrait orientation. We recommend a size of 4′ by 4′ (120 cm. by 120 cm.) or 3′ by 5′ (90 cm. by 150 cm.). The WRMC has examples available; please stop by to view them. You are also welcome, but not required, to provide attendees with handouts summarizing your research and providing your contact information. For the sake of uniformity, we would suggest including the following sections in your poster. The WRMC recognizes that not all researchers will have all of the below attributes, so feel free to present what you do have:

  • Heading (title, authors, affiliations)
  • Introduction (abstract, rationale, purpose)
  • Brief literature review (including research questions and hypotheses)
  • Methods (participants, materials, procedures)
  • Results (analyses, key findings)
  • Discussion (explanation of results)
  • Conclusions and implications
  • Future research
  • References
  • Acknowledgments (e.g., sources of funding, other contributors)
  • Author contact information

Links to Example of Posters

The links below provide information that may be useful for first-time poster presenters:


Non-Participants and General Public

This event is free and open to the public – the more, the merrier! We welcome everyone from FXUA and the surrounding community to see our students’ final research. This includes FXUA students who are not showcasing their work. We will open the doors to the public at 6:00 PM. For directions to Fairfax University of America, please see the following website: https://www.viu.edu/our-university/about-fxua/location-transportation/.