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Making Your Job Search Engine Work For You

Have you ever thought that maybe your strategy was the problem in your job search? Our main problem in looking for a job is not being/thinking diverse enough. The internet is full of potential jobs that you are perfect for. However, many times we miss these perfect jobs because of how we use the search engine.

How can we maximize our searches to yield the most results? First, think about how many companies there are around the world. In simple terms, there are “a lot”. Do all of these companies have standardized job titles? The answer is, “probably not”, because we don’t have the “Job Title Police”. If such a thing existed, then we would know exactly what to call the job title and the search engine would show us all of those positions for which we are perfect. This is not the reality, however.

Below is a small example of how we can maximize your search for a position:

 Maximizing Your Job Search Engine

Maximizing Your Job Search Engine