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Thank You Letter Tips

You are right that nobody sends thank you letters after an interview.  Think about it this way:  if nobody sends them but you do, who do you think the employer will remember more?  76% of executives say that they take thank you letters into account when evaluating candidates.  It shows an extra step that most people do not take.  SEND ONE!

When was the last time you got a thank you note or card in the mail?  How did it make you feel?  A little extra helps in ways that you could not imagine.

A few tips to help you:

  • Before you leave the interview, grab a business card so that you can get the name/address correct.
  • Highlight things from the interview that either you forgot to mention or the skills/abilities that the employer is looking for that you possess.
  • Send a thank you note/letter within 48 hours.
  • Be genuine!
  • If you need help with how to make a thank you letter (or any other job search document), please see the WRMC or Career Center.