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Why Should I care about my Resume?

When we have to prepare things for school, we often don’t understand the importance of what we are doing and the reason. Below are five reasons why you really should care about your resume.

  1. If they don’t like your resume, they won’t call you. Basically, if your resume needs some work, employers will not bother calling you. A sloppy resume suggests that you will be just as sloppy on the job. You may not realize this, but it also gives the employer insight into your language and computer skills as well as insight into how detail-oriented you are.
  2. It gives an insight into your work. In other words, it gives the potential employer insight into who you are as a worker. That means they look at your previous jobs, but they also look at your skills and what you bring to the table. If they don’t think that you have any skills that they can tap in to then they won’t call you. A resume with many mistakes or with little thought put into it shows that you are not ready for the job.
  3. If you lack the necessary qualifications or requirements, you stand little chance of landing the job. Even if you are just starting out, you need to sell yourself in your resume. That means, show them that you are qualified! Not trying to do this results in few callbacks and lots of frustration.
  4. If you don’t connect with them and catch their attention, they will not call you back. If you do not tailor your resume to the job/what the employer is looking for then you are wasting your time and theirs as well. A very generic resume lacks the ability for you to connect to the potential employer. Employers can tell if you are mass-producing the same resume for all people you send your resume to. Every job is different, and every employer wants different things in a candidate (even if it is the same job title from company to company). Answer this question and you will have succeeded: “What does this particular employer want from the ideal candidate?”
  5. The resume is a picture of you. What kind of picture are you presenting? If you take little time in preparing and thinking about your resume then you are taking little time to construct a good picture of you. Invest some time into yourself in constructing a good picture and it will pay off!

A poorly executed resume has the ability to move you to the bottom of the pile. It is a tool to help you get into an interview.